Soloist, Young Canadian Artist, Singer and Songwriter. Born on August 31st 1998. VRONI, aka Veronica released her first single "Broken Dreams" on December 2012 along with her very own music video that was most viewed by her fans. She started creating originals at the age of 13. Vroni has preformed at many events like Open Mics, Festivals and Weddings. She has experience with all sorts of genres like pop, opera, classical, R & B and rock, as she has honours in theoretical and voice examinations from the Royal Conservatory.  Her profession is singing, but she with holds other talents like playing the guitar and the piano. Vroni puts her heart into her music and writes meaningful songs that are based on positive and negative experiences in her past. Her main goal is to make amazing music that people can relate to and love to listen to. She hopes her music helps people overcome certain times in their life, as they can relate to her. Veronica will continue to do what she loves best each day, as she gets better at it each second.